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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who can buy real estate in Turkey ?

    Most of the nationalities are eligible to buy real estate in Turkey. There are only 3 countries whose citizens are not entitled to buy real estate in Turkey they are: North Korea, Armenia, Syria.

  2. What is the title deed in Turkey?

    Title deed in Turkey means: the ownership document which gives legal status to owning any property on Turkish territory. It gives the owner of the property the legitimacy to register this property, as well as it gives him the full right to dispose of it either by renting, selling and all other forms of investment.

  3. How long does it take to buy a property in Turkey and receive the title deed?

    After choosing the suitable property, all procedures can be completed from 5 to 10 days.

  4. Is it possible to buy a property remotely in Turkey without coming to the country?

    It is possible. Real estate can be bought remotely without coming to Turkey, through a legal power of attorney for whoever acts on your behalf in Turkey, and the power of attorney is issued at the Turkish embassy in your place of residence.

  5. Is paying in the installment method possible

    Yes, it is possible. Paying in installment-plans for under-construction schemes as well as completed projects. However, most of the completed projects don't allow installment they demand the complete payment in cash

  6. What are the other payments that should be paid when buying a real estate in Turkey?

    some bill have to be paid such as the maintenance wages .Also there are the utilities social.

  7. Can I obtain a residency permit in Turkey if I buy a property?

    Yes, the foreign owner of the property in Turkey obtains a real estate residence that is renewed annually for himself and his family.

  8. Can foreigners buy property in Turkey?

    Yes, foreign nationals are allowed to purchase property in Turkey, subject to certain restrictions and regulations

  9. What are the restrictions for foreigners buying property in Turkey?

    Foreigners are generally not allowed to buy property in certain military zones or areas close to the borders. Additionally, there are restrictions on the total land area that a foreigner can acquire.

  10. What types of properties can foreigners buy in Turkey?

    Foreigners can buy apartments, villas, commercial properties, and land in Turkey.

  11. What is the process for buying property in Turkey as a foreigner?

    The process typically involves finding a property, signing a preliminary contract, obtaining a valuation report, applying for military clearance (if applicable), and finalizing the sale deed at the Land Registry Office.

  12. What are the costs associated with buying property in Turkey?

    The costs include property purchase tax, title deed transfer fee, notary fees,  and legal fees. These costs may vary depending on the value of the property.

  13. Are there any incentives for foreign property buyers in Turkey?

    Yes, the Turkish government occasionally offers incentives such as citizenship by investment programs for those who purchase property above a certain value.

  14. What are the popular cities for real estate investment in Turkey?

    Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir, and Bodrum are among the most popular cities for real estate investment due to their economic growth, tourism potential, and cultural attractions.

  15. Can foreigners get a mortgage to buy property in Turkey?

    Yes, some Turkish banks offer mortgages to foreign buyers, although the terms and conditions may vary for non-residents.

  16. What is Tapu (Title Deed) and how is it obtained?

    Tapu is the official document proving property ownership in Turkey. It is obtained by submitting necessary documents to the Land Registry Office after completing the purchase process.

  17. Are there any taxes on property ownership in Turkey?

    Yes, property owners in Turkey are subject to annual property tax, calculated based on the property value determined by the local authorities.

    These FAQs should provide a helpful overview for individuals interested in real estate investment in Turkey.

  18. Are there any restrictions on foreign ownership of property in Turkey?

     Generally, there are no restrictions for foreign nationals, except for properties in military zones and rural areas designated as restricted.