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A comprehensive guide about Turkish citizenship
  • 25/08/2022
  • Investment in Turkey
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Turkey offers citizenship to foreign investors who meet specific criteria. The advantages of Turkish citizenship include the ability to travel without a visa to more than 61 countries, access to quality education and healthcare, and a stable political environment. Turkish citizenship is an important topic of discussion among investors due to the many benefits it provides.

In this article, the editorial team will provide you with a comprehensive report on everything related to Turkish citizenship, and we will answer your various questions.

We wish you a pleasant reading.

The most important ways to obtain Turkish citizenship:

There are several ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. The most common are marriage, investment, or parentage.


A foreigner can apply for Turkish citizenship if he married a Turkish citizen and lived in the country for at least three years.


 A foreigner can also apply for Turkish citizenship if he has made a significant investment in the country, such as buying a property worth at least 400,000$ or investing in a company with a capital of at least 500,000$.


A person of Turkish origin may also be eligible for citizenship if they can prove that their ancestors were Turkish citizens.

Bank deposit:

Turkey offers citizenship to foreigners who make a certain amount of investment in the country. Like a bank deposit of at least 500,000$.

- The money must be kept in the bank for at least three years.

 -The applicant must have a clean criminal record.

 -After fulfilling these requirements, the applicant can apply for Turkish citizenship.


Turkish citizenship can be obtained by adoption.

- Provided that the adopted child is under the age of 18, unmarried and has no children.

- The adoptive parent or parents must also be Turkish citizens.

- Additionally, the parent or adoptive parents must have been married for at least two years and must not have a criminal record.

 Finally, the adoptive parent or parents must provide evidence that they can financially support the adopted child.

Exceptional Nationality:

Exceptional citizenship can be obtained in a few cases, including:

-A person who presented a scientific achievement to the Turkish state.

-A person who presented a technical achievement that brought benefit to the state.


-Non-state refugees.

The most important general conditions for applying for citizenship:

In order to obtain Turkish citizenship, the following general conditions must be met:

-The applicant must have a residence permit in Turkey for at least five years.

-The applicant must not have a criminal record in Turkey or in his country of origin.

-The applicant must be able to speak Turkish fluently.

-The applicant must have completed military service (if any).

-He must have a good reputation and good morals.

-He must have a stable source of income sufficient for himself and his family.

-Not to be a carrier of a serious and contagious disease affecting public health in the country.

Turkish citizenship through real estate investment:

Real estate investment is the first choice for anyone who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship, and through the following paragraph, you can see all the conditions that must be met in order to be able to apply for it:

In order to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, the applicant must purchase a property worth at least 400,000$, as mentioned above.

-Keeping it for at least three years.

-Extracting the real estate appraisal document.

-The property should not have been used earlier to apply for Turkish citizenship.

-The seller must be Turkish, whether it is an individual or a construction company.

-The value of the property must be paid in full through a bank in Turkey.

The main stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

1- Go to the Turkish Embassy in your country and submit an application.

2- The embassy will review your application and attached documents.

3- Once your application is approved, an interview will be scheduled.

4- After the interview, you will take a Turkish language test.

5- If you pass the language test, you will be asked to pass the Turkish History and Culture test.

6- When you pass both exams, you will be granted Turkish citizenship.

The most important documents required to obtain citizenship:

1- A copy of the Turkish passport or national identity card.

2. A copy of your birth certificate.

3. A copy of the marriage contract, if any.

4. A copy of your divorce decision, if any.

5. A copy of your child's birth certificate, if any.

6. Proof of Turkish residency, such as an electricity bill or rental contract.

7. Proof of income, such as payroll or tax returns.

8. An application form that can be obtained from the Turkish consulate or embassy in your country.

The most important advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

- Living and working in Turkey without restrictions.

- You will be able to enter and exit Turkey without a visa.

-The right to own property in Turkey freely and without any restrictions.

-You will be eligible for social security benefits in Turkey.

-Voting in the Turkish elections.

-Obtaining a Turkish passport.

-Visa-free travel to more than 60 countries.

-You will be eligible for free healthcare and education in Turkey.

-You will enjoy the same social and economic rights as Turkish citizens.

- Your children will be able to study in Turkish universities without having to pay tuition fees.

-You will be eligible for retirement benefits and health insurance.

-Getting Turkish citizenship also allows you to apply for dual citizenship with another country.

 -Turkish citizenship also gives certain privileges in terms of taxation, as Turkish citizens are exempted from paying income tax on their worldwide income.

- You will be able to apply for dual citizenship with your country of origin.

Reasons to encourage investors to obtain Turkish citizenship:

There are many reasons why a foreign investor chooses to obtain Turkish citizenship. Among the main reasons are the following:

- Turkey offers a very attractive investment climate, with a number of incentives and advantages for foreign investors.

-Turkey has a stable political and economic environment, which makes it an ideal place for investment.

-To enjoy the high quality of life that Turkey has to offer, including its diverse culture and friendly people.

-Investment in Turkey, which has a fast-growing economy and a lot of potential.

-To take advantage of Turkey's strategic location, which provides access to Europe, Asia and the Middle East markets.

This is the most important information that interests you about obtaining Turkish citizenship in Turkey. If you have further inquiries, do not hesitate before contacting our real estate consultant to provide you with all the details you are looking for.

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