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Luxury apartments for sale in Turkey 2022
  • 26/08/2022
  • Investment in Turkey
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Many people are looking for luxury apartments for sale in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, which is one of the most important and most distinguished cities, and due to its economic and political position, it has become an important investment destination at the global level and not only in Turkey.

In this article, you can see the most prominent places where luxury apartments are available in Turkey, in addition to seeing their advantages and some important details about them.

We wish you an enjoyable and useful reading.

Why do we choose to search for luxury apartments for sale in Turkey?

The first areas that anyone looking for real estate for sale in Turkey goes to is the high-end, which is characterized by luxury, urban excellence, and sufficiency in terms of service and recreational facilities. Through the following points, you can see the dimensions of this choice:

-If you want to live in it, you will get an integrated life in all respects, as well as a lot of calm, comfort and tranquility, as it is not overcrowded.

-All service facilities are available such as schools, government and private hospitals, and universities.

-It contains the most important malls, famous shopping centers and luxury brands.

-In it, you will find the most important tourist attractions that are visited by millions of tourists annually.

-The urban character that dominates these areas is the unlimited luxury and the residential complexes equipped with the highest standards of quality and safety and are resistant to earthquakes, and they also contain villas with large areas and high-end engineering designs.

-Although the prices of apartments in those areas may be somewhat high, this does not negate that they are much cheaper than apartments of the same specifications in Europe or America and even in some Arab countries.

-Most of these apartments have a wonderful view of the sea, including the forests and green spaces.

-Tourists choose to stay in it to have a good time.

-It is easy to obtain real estate residency by buying an apartment in those areas.

-Turkish citizenship can be obtained by investing in real estate due to the high prices of real estate in it, that is, it is easy to find an apartment with a price of 400 thousand dollars or more.

(All those advantages and specifications that we have presented about the luxury apartments in Turkey and the areas in which they are located, only indicate that it is one of the most important real estate investment destinations through which a lot of profits can be obtained, especially since its prices are constantly rising as a natural result of the high demand for it, especially in the tourist seasons. The rents received from them are also rewarding). 

Where to find luxury apartments in Istanbul:

In the context of talking about luxury apartments in Turkey, one of the first places that attention will be drawn to is Istanbul, and here are the most important luxury areas in which there are:

First: Beşiktaş region:

-It is considered one of the most important and prestigious areas of Istanbul.

-Within it, you will find many neighborhoods, including historical ones.

-It has a wonderful view of the Bosphorus.

-Its investment importance cannot be overlooked.

-Real estate prices are quite high.

Second: Sariyer region:

-This region is located on the European side of Istanbul.

-It ranked third as the city's most luxurious neighborhood with the highest real estate prices.

-It has been dubbed the district of the rich, politicians, celebrities and artists.

-Sariyer is one of the big and huge districts as it consists of a wide number of neighborhoods.

-A tourist destination for many foreigners coming to Turkey.

-It includes many luxury hotels and fine restaurants.

-What gives it its investment importance is that it overlooks the Bosphorus.

-Wide areas of the famous Belgrade forest extend within it.

-Real estate prices are constantly increasing.

Third: Bakırköy District:

-It is one of the most prestigious areas of Istanbul and is located on its European side.

-It has a long coastline on the Marmara Sea.

-Its infrastructure is modern and developed and it has a transportation network that connects it with all other areas of the city.

-It is not a newly developed area, but rather an old one, and it has a high historical and cultural standing.

Fourth: Beyoğlu District:

This area is characterized as one of the most central areas of the city.

-Within the area, there are a lot of famous sights.

-The longest street in Istanbul (Istiklal Street) is located there.

-One of the most important tourist and historical areas.

Fifth: Başakşehir area:

-This area is also located in the European part of the city.

-It is characterized by a luxurious urban style and a large spread of modern residential complexes.

-One of the closest areas to Istanbul's new airport.

-It is expected that real estate prices in it will rise after the completion of work on the new Istanbul Water Canal.

-Over the last three years, prices in the region have increased by 45%.

-It won the title of the region of the rich Arabs because of their large influx to it, and indeed, you can notice the oriental character that prevails today and the spread of Arabic-speaking schools.

Sixth: Uskudar Region:

-This area is located in the Asian side of the city, but it is no less important than the one on the European side.

-It contains many important tourist attractions, which made it a major destination for tourists.

-It has a double sea view, the first on the Bosphorus and the second on the Marmara Sea.

-It is characterized by a high investment position due to the continuous rise in real estate prices.

Buying luxury apartments in Turkey in installments:

As we mentioned above, the high prices of luxury apartments in Turkey make them unsuitable for different investors, but this does not mean that they should back down from this step, as there are many alternative solutions such as buying an apartment under construction, these prices are lower than ready-to-move projects, and apartments can also be purchased in installments, where the buyer will not have to pay the entire value of the property at once, and therefore will not face any financial pressures or difficulty in repayment.

Do you want to search for luxury apartments for sale in Turkey? You can now make your decision and communicate with our real estate consultants to inform you about the most important offers available and suitable for your goals.

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