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Obtaining real estate residency by buying an apartment
  • 29/09/2022
  • Investment in Turkey
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One of the main goals and endeavors that many seek to achieve when buying an apartment in Turkey is the great desire to obtain real estate residency, which is one of the most important types of residencies in this country.

What makes real estate residency a golden opportunity for many? How can this residency be obtained and what conditions must be met? What are the required documents and what are their advantages? Many questions and answers are in this article, we wish you an enjoyable reading.

Basic conditions for obtaining real estate residency

If you want to obtain this residency, there are a set of conditions that must be met in the property under which you will apply, which are:

-In order to obtain a real estate residency in Turkey, the value of the property to be purchased must be a minimum of 75,000 dollars but not any property suitable for obtaining real estate residency if the following conditions are met:

-The property must be located in one of the regions of the Turkish states, but not within the security or military zones.

-The value of the property must not be less than 75,000$, as mentioned above.

-The buyer must also not hold one of the nationalities prohibited from purchasing.

-The real estate must be intended for housing, it cannot be the real estate designated for trade or other purposes.

-The real estate appraisal document that accurately determines the value of the property must be extracted.

 Documents required to obtain a real estate residency

In order to obtain a real estate residency in Turkey, the following documents are required:

-A passport valid for at least six months.

-Completed application form.

-A recent passport size photo.

-Proof of property ownership in Turkey.

-A copy of the sale contract or title deed.

-A bank statement or letter confirming that the applicant has the financial means to support himself during his stay in Turkey.

Advantages of applying for residency in Turkey

There are many benefits to obtaining real estate residency in Turkey and one of the biggest benefits is that it allows you to live in Turkey for a long period of time and this can be especially useful if you are planning to invest in real estate or if you have family members living there and you want to stay with them.

In addition, real estate residency in Turkey can help you obtain Turkish citizenship, which can offer a number of advantages including the ability to live and work in Turkey indefinitely, as well as benefit from the various advantages that a Turkish citizen obtains.

It is worth noting that all family members can apply for it along with the property owner, but under certain conditions, the most important of which is that the children be under the age of eighteen, and it can only be granted to one wife if the buyer is married to more than one woman.

Did you know that after 8 years of residence in Turkey, you would be able to apply for permanent residency that allows you to stay in Turkey permanently.

Notes when applying for real estate residency

If you wish to obtain this residency, there are a set of tips that you should take into consideration, the most important of which are:

-If the applicant is under the age of eighteen, he must be accompanied by his guardian to obtain approval to grant it.

-Each family member must submit a detailed file.

-Fees must be paid in local currency.

-A receipt for the fee must be received and stamped.

-If there is a shortage, you will be given 30 days to make up for the shortfall.

How can a real estate residency in Turkey be renewed?

It is possible to renew your real estate residency in Turkey by submitting an application to the Turkish authorities sixty days before the expiry of your current residency.

However, it is always better to apply for renewal early, and not to wait until the last minute. If your stay ends while you are outside Turkey, you can apply for a new residency online after you enter the country according to the visa system agreed between the two countries and this can be done by your legal representative or attorney.

The importance of buying apartments in Turkey

The Turkish real estate market has become one of the most attractive investment opportunities in recent years due to a number of reasons, such as the country's political stability, its growing economy, and its strategic location.

Apartments in Turkey also offer a number of advantages to investors, one of which is that they are relatively affordable compared to other European countries.

Finally, the Turkish government offers a number of incentives to foreign investors, such as residence permits, citizenship through investment programs.

Some of the advantages of buying an apartment through Ista Property are:

-You can find a variety of options: There are many real estate agents in Istanbul, but not all of them have a wide range of options. At Ista Property, you can find a variety of apartments for sale to suit your budget and needs.

-You will get professional help: The experienced team at Ista Property will guide you through the process of buying an apartment in Istanbul and help you make the best decision.

-You will save time and money: With Ista Property, you do not need to waste time or money visiting different properties and you can easily find the right property using the search engine on our site.

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