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Turkish Passport…Your Gateway to the World
  • 29/08/2022
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Turkey is a wonderful country that bridges the gap between Europe and Asia. Turkish citizens have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 111 countries and territories, making the Turkish passport the 29th in the world in terms of freedom of travel, according to the Henley Index.

A Turkish passport also gives its holders the right to live and work in any country within the European Union, as well as Switzerland. With Turkey's economy booming and its relatively strong currency, now is the time to think about relocating to this vibrant country.

How do you get a Turkish passport?

Turkey offers passports to its citizens so that they can travel freely and without restrictions to any country in the world. Turkish passport is valid for 10 years and can be renewed permanently. You must be a Turkish citizen to apply for a passport and you must be 18 years or older. To apply for a Turkish passport, you will need to provide your national identity card, two passport photos, and a completed application form. You will also need to pay a fee.

Advantages of obtaining a Turkish passport:

There are a number of advantages to holding a Turkish passport.

-First, visa-free travel is allowed to more than 61 countries.

-Turkish citizens also have the right to live and work in any country within the European Union.

-In addition, Turkish passport holders are entitled to free education and health care in many European countries.

-Finally, a Turkish passport offers its holder certain tax advantages in some countries.

The Turkish passport is also one of the most powerful passports in the world, as it is quickly obtained. It takes only one month from the date of submission, and this step can be done immediately after obtaining citizenship.

Turkish passport types:

Check out the 4 types of Turkish passport:

-The red passport is intended for Turkish citizens who enjoy full rights and privileges, it is also called the name of the ordinary passport, and in this context, it must be noted that foreigners with Turkish citizenship will obtain it

-The green passport is granted to certain groups of Turks, namely officials, ministers, their families and state employees, and it is called the special passport.

-Black passport for diplomats and VIPs such as presidents, president's secretary and ministers, it is called a diplomatic passport.

-Gray passport for official travel as it is granted to Turkish state employees outside Turkey, such as consuls, ambassadors and others.

Countries that the Turkish passport can enter without a visa:

Turkey has a visa-free agreement with many countries around the world, which allows Turkish passport holders to enter those countries without a visa. Some of the countries that Turkish passport holders can enter without a visa are: Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine.

Countries that the Turkish passport can enter with an automatic visa:

There are 45 countries that a holder of a Turkish passport can enter with an automatic visa. This includes all EU countries, as well as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Turkey was also recently granted visa-free travel to Ukraine. Citizens of Turkey can also enter Malaysia and Singapore without a visa for up to 30 days.

Steps to obtaining a Turkish passport:

Turkish citizens can apply for a passport at any Turkish diplomatic mission. The application must be submitted in person and requires the following documents:

-A completed application form

- A recent passport photo

- A valid ID card

-Proof of Turkish citizenship, such as a birth certificate or naturalization certificate

-Proof of residence in Turkey such as residence permit or utility bill

-80 Turkish Lira fee.

The costs of obtaining a Turkish passport:

The cost of obtaining a Turkish passport varies depending on the type of passport and method of application. For example, a standard Turkish passport costs 60$ when submitted in person, but only 20$ when you apply online. There are also different types of passports, such as the e-passport that costs 85$ or the service passport that costs 150$.

Reasons for a foreigner to apply for a Turkish passport:

There are many reasons that encourage a foreigner to obtain a Turkish passport. These include:

-Turkey is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history.

-The Turkish economy is booming, and there are plenty of opportunities for foreigners to invest and do business.

-Turkey enjoys a strategic location, and its citizens enjoy visa-free travel to many countries.

-Turkish citizenship gives many advantages, such as free education and health care.

-The Turkish economy is growing rapidly, making it an attractive investment destination.

-Turkish citizens enjoy a high standard of living.

-The cost of living in Turkey is very low.

Ways to obtain a Turkish passport:

You can apply for this passport directly through several methods, which we will talk about in detail below:

First: Through real estate investment, you must have held the property for at least three years, and the value of the property must not be less than 400,000 US dollars.

Second: An individual can also obtain a Turkish passport by marrying a Turkish citizen. The marriage must be registered with the local authorities, and the spouse must apply for a residence permit. The spouse will then need to live in Turkey for at least three years before he can apply for citizenship.

Third: A foreigner can obtain it if he/she is adopted by a Turkish family, provided that he/she is not over the age of eighteen, and must not pose any danger or threat to public security in Turkey.

Fourth: You must have a financial investment in Turkey of at least 500,000$.

Fifth: One of the most popular ways to apply for Turkish citizenship is to deposit an amount of at least 500,000 US dollars in a Turkish bank for a period of at least three years.

This is the most important information about the Turkish passport. If you have more questions, do not hesitate before visiting our website, where we monitor the most important topics of interest to you, or contact our real estate consultant to provide you with the help you need.

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