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Luxury Residence Nearby the City Center

Bassin expres



20 Minutes

ٍSuitable for citizenship

Prices Start from

Observations Area (m2) Rooms
Apartment 3.423.500 - 7.000.000 106.984 - 218.700 100.691 - 205.882 165.067 - 337.512 8.778.205.128 - 17.948.717.948 2.717.063 - 5.555.555 778.068 - 1.590.909 311.227.272 - 636.363.636 762.472 - 1.559.020 63.562 - 129.966 79.969 - 163.513 526.692.307 - 1.076.923.076 755.739 - 1.545.253 78.287 - 160.073 147.247 - 301.075 31.122.727 - 63.636.363 51.871.212 - 106.060.606 73 - 116 1+1

İnvestment Apartments on the Basin Express road

Location :

We offer you our project with panoramic views of the city in the center of Istanbul on the Basin Express road, which is located on the European side of Istanbul,

 It is famous for being the link between the city highways E-5 and E-80

 1- Metro station: 400 meters

 2- Istanbul Airport: 36 km

 3- E-5 Highway: 4 km, which is the most important road in Istanbul

 4- TEM Highway: 8 km

 5- kuzey Marmara: 8 km

 6- Istanbul city center 25 km.


 The project consists of only two blocks 

 The first is 4 floors, the second is 11 floors

 Including 407 apartments with a loft system

 The loft system means the ceiling height in our project exceeds 5 meters

  • Suitable for Turkish citizenship 
  •  The title deed is ready
  •  High -quality

facilities and services :

  1.  Turkish bath
  2.  sauna
  3.  gym
  4.   parking
  5.  Sport club
  6.  open swimming pool
  7. Winter swimming pool
  8.  Restaurants and cafes

Area Features :

Bassin expres area  is famous for being the link between the city highways E-5 and E-80,

 As well as being one of the closest commercial routes to Istanbul International Airport, which is where local and international companies are located.

One of the most important factors that give the Basin Express region great importance is the fact that the link between the E-5 and TEM roads that are vital modern roads, and they form a transport hub in and around Istanbul.

The area is home to many leading hotels, while the transportation network is rapidly developing thanks to nearby urban transformation, infrastructure and landscaping projects.

Our real estate projects ranging from residential to commercial with guaranteed by the turkish government

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