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Apartments for sale in ŞiŞli İstanbul



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Observations Area (m2) Rooms
Apartment 21.760.000 680.000 640.000 1.049.180 55.794.871.794 17.269.841 4.945.454 1.978.181.818 4.846.325 404.010 508.292 3.347.692.307 4.803.532 497.598 935.913 197.818.181 329.696.969 97 1+1
Apartment 35.200.000 1.100.000 1.035.294 1.697.203 90.256.410.256.000 27.936.507 8.000.000 7.839.643 653.546 822.237 5.415.384.615 7.770.419 804.939 1.513.978 320.000.000 533.333.333 144 2+1
Apartment 38.400.000 1.200.000 1.129.411 1.851.494 98.461.538.461 30.476.190 8.727.272 3.490.909.090 8.552.338 712.959 896.986 5.907.692.307 8.476.821 878.115 1.651.612 349.090.909 581.818.181 242 3+1
Apartment 95.520.000 2.985.000 2.809.411 4.605.593 244.923.076.923.000 75.809.523 21.709.090 8.683.636.363 21.273.942 1.773.486 2.231.254 14.695.384.615 21.086.092 2.184.312 4.108.387 868.363.636 1.447.272.727 299 4+1

Our project in the heart of Şişli, Istanbul, is a premier mixed-use development that redefines luxury and convenience. This state-of-the-art complex seamlessly integrates residential, office, and commercial spaces, offering a dynamic environment for modern living and business. The project features three high-rise towers with stunning architectural design, providing stunning views of the Bosphorus and Istanbul's skyline.

The residential units range from elegant apartments to luxurious penthouses, all crafted with meticulous attention to detail and high-quality finishes. The office spaces are designed to meet the demands of contemporary businesses, featuring cutting-edge technology and flexible layouts. Additionally, the retail and dining areas provide a vibrant atmosphere with a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Residents and tenants of the Project enjoy access to exclusive amenities, including a fitness center, swimming pool, spa, and landscaped gardens. Its strategic location near key business and cultural landmarks, such as the Istanbul Cevahir Shopping Mall and the Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre, makes it an ideal hub for both work and leisure. 

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