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Luxury apartments with Stunning views of forests and nature




20 Minutes

3 Blocks

Sea View

ٍSuitable for citizenship

Prices Start from

Observations Area (m2) Rooms
Apartment 10.300.000 321.900 302.941 496.624 26.410.256.410 8.174.603 2.340.909 936.363.636 2.293.986 191.236 240.597 1.584.615.384 2.273.730 235.536 443.010 93.636.363 156.060.606 97 1+1
Apartment 17.550.000 54.843.700 516.176 846.190 13.928.571 3.988.636 1.595.454.545 3.908.685 325.844 409.950 2.700.000.000 3.874.172 401.326 754.838 159.545.454 265.909.090 172 2+1
Apartment 18.850.000 58.906.200 554.411 908.871 48.333.333.333 14.960.317 4.284.090 1.713.636.363 4.198.218 349.981 440.317 2.900.000.000 4.161.147 431.054 810.752 171.363.636 285.606.060 189 3+1

Luxury apartments  with Stunning views of forests and nature

Location :

Stunning views of forests and landscapes

 Enjoy the tranquility of nature in the midst of city services

 We present to you our project on the Asian side, specifically in the Beykoz region.

  9 minutes to the nearest hospital

   22 minutes to Sabiha airport

  - 22 minutes to Istanbul Airport

  -1 minute to Pleven College and TED

  -12 minutes to the valley

  - 5 minutes from Sultan Mehmet Al-Fateh Bridge

  -8 minutes from Sultan Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge


    This project overlooks the scenic landscape of the surrounding forests.

  And one of its most important features is that the construction company for this project is considered one of the strongest contracting companies in Turkey

  Project area: 103.42 square meters.

  Green project area: 10000.10 square meters.

 The title deed is ready

 Suitable for Turkish citizenship

 - High quality 

  Consists of 3 blocks that will be delivered in just 18 months

   Total number of apartments: 739

  Unit types are:




facilities and services :

 -Indoor and outdoor water parks

  -swimming pools


  -Turkish bath

  - Bodybuilding and fitness center and children's playground

  - Restaurants - cafes - bakeries

  - Walking and running tracks

  - Sauna and steam room

  - 5-star spa

  - supermarket


  - Bank branches, ATMs, and tennis courts

Area Features :

The area of Beykoz district of Istanbul is about 66,240 square kilometers and its population is about 250 thousand people.

It is located in the northernmost Asian part of Istanbul

Buying a property in Turkey, and especially in this area, can provide you with a comfortable residency in the country and be the beginning of a new life.

The Beykoz of Istanbul is one of the best districts in the city. In other words, it is the best of all the best districts of Istanbul

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